TA Outdoors x Paul Kirtley

Paul Kirtley and Mike Pullen have collaborated on some of the best bushcraft skills videos on YouTube.  Now you can get more online resources from Paul...


Paul Kirtley and Mike Pullen's Collaborations

Paul has showcased core bushcraft techniques on Mike's YouTube channel and the pair of them have shown how to apply these skills in context...

Bushcraft Skills #1

Mike and Paul's first collaboration was a video for Mike's TA Outdoors channel with 90 minutes of bushcraft skills and tips, including techniques for axe, bushcraft knife, camp set-ups and fire lighting. This video has 1.6 million views and counting...

Bushcraft Skills #2

Paul and Mike worked together again, producing a follow-up to their first collaboration, with more wild camping, delicious campfire cookery and a whole bunch of useful campcraft, from simple pot sticks to multi-pot cooking rigs.

Canoeing & Wild Camping

Mike joined Paul Kirtley and Ray Goodwin on their Expedition Canoeing Skills Course in the English Lake District. Later in the year Mike travelled to Scotland to paddle with Paul and Ray again, on the majestic Spey River, wild camping all the way.

Get Free Bushcraft Training Videos

Get free sample videos from Paul Kirtley's online training, plus a free guide on how to take your bushcraft skills to the next level. As recommended by Mike from TA Outdoors...


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